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Rejoice Stories by Students

Rejoice Stories

My journey with the Counselling Center has been quite satisfying. When I first contacted the counselling center, I was very disturbed with personal and family issues and was not confident about studies. Initially, I felt shy to share my thoughts with friends. Counselling helped me overcome these issues through dialog with my family and friends. Some effective study techniques were taught to me by my psychotherapist.
I now have become more open and confident and my academic performance has also improved. I am grateful towards the psychotherapists, the doctor and the staff at the counselling center. The counselling center has been providing great service to students in distress and I think students who feel the need of a professional should definitely approach the counselling center for help.

I approached the counselling centre during a phase of personal crisis that had intensified over the period of a year. What seemed like simple shift or lack of enthusiasm in academic and social activities had, without my conscious knowledge, had intensified to a general sense of hopelessness and depression. I think I sought out the initial appointment here, only because I did not know what else to do. Sessions thereafter taught me how to analyse myself and helped me understand my issues and reach the solution that was inside me all along. Since the session, I find that I have been able to assess my reactions to external stresses better than I was previously able.
I strongly feel that the rather impulsive decision to visit the counselling centre was one of the better decisions I could have taken during that period.

I have been visiting Counselling Center for more than 3 years and all of my experiences have been positive. The entire staff including the support personnel have been cordial and helpful. I have learned to address my issues instead of avoiding them. When I first visited the Center, I was at a bad place, nervous and anxious. Now I clearly see myself as a different person, more confident and hopeful towards life and it's uncertainties.
I would like to thank not just the staff at Center but also the administration for taking a step towards addressing the issue of mental health of the students of the Institute and starting the Center.

I visited Counselling Centre only after I experienced physical signs od my mental health, till then I was in 'denial mode'.
I think, first step in solving a problem is recognizing the existence of one and be ready for treatment without worrying about how society will look at you (social taboo).
Counselling Centre helped me a lot by teaching me how to handle my problems and live without it.
I suggest if anyone feels that he/she needs help, then ask for it without hesitation.