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Counselling Centre

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

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Counselling helps students...

Get Unstuck!
At times our usual ways of handling problems aren't working for some reason and we feel stuck! Counseling helps students discuss and understand their problems to help create different strategies.
Figure out problems:
Periods of life change like being in college may bring new stress and problems that have many sides and are not easily solved. Counseling can help students understand the different sides of their problems.
Develop a more positive, hopeful outlook:
When difficult life events come up or when a lot of little things go wrong for someone over time, it may become difficult to feel hopeful or have a positive outlook. Counseling can help students understand the impact tough situations have had on their feelings and develop strategies to develop a more hopeful perspective.
Learn more about habits that lead to problems:
Most people struggle to overcome bad habits (behaviors that we seem to repeat over and over even though they may lead to problems for example: procrastination, angry outbursts, drinking too much, etc). Counseling provides a safe space to learn more about overcoming these habits by using strategies that have been shown to help others in similar situations.
Regain a sense of control and pleasure in life:
Seeking help from professional experienced helpers may help you feel you are helping yourself, by taking steps to improve your life and influence your life situation.
Discover personal strengths:
Counseling can help you learn more about yourself by helping you see and understand your strengths and learning how to use those strengths to grow in other areas.
Counseling can help you set goals for college and your future. It can also help you develop strategies to attain your goals.

When Needed


We suport Students with -

  • Individual Consultation
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Group Counselling
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Outreach
    • Gate Keeper's Training
    • Help a Friend
  • Workshop
  • After Hour Services

We offer confidential, one-to-one and group based Counselling Services.

IIT Kharagpur has taken up the online assistance from 'Your Dost' which offers free access to 24X7, confidential, online counselling services.


Prof. Somesh Kumar

Dean (Students' Affairs)
Professor, Mathematics
IIT Kharagpur

Prof. Siddhartha Sen

Professor, Electrical Engineering
Prof.-in-Charge, Counselling Centre
IIT Kharagpur