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Crisis Intervention



Crisis Intervaention

A crisis is a situation in which an individual's usual style of coping with the ongoing problems is no longer effective, and the emotional or physiological response begins to escalate. As emotions intensify, coping becomes less effective, until the person may become disoriented, non-functional, or attempt harm towards self and/or others.

Some of the warning signs:

  • Suicidal statements or suicide attempts
  • Homicidal threats, written or verbal, or attempted homicide or assault
  • Destruction of property or other criminal acts
  • Extreme anxiety resulting in panic reactions
  • Inability to communicate (e.g., garbled or slurred speech, disjointed thoughts)
  • Loss of contact with reality (e.g., seeing or hearing things that aren't there, expressing beliefs or actions at odds with reality)
  • Highly disruptive behavior (e.g., hostility, aggression, violence)

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