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Group Counselling



Group Counselling

Sometimes we find ourselves struggling with problems until we begin to talk with each other and find out that there are many people around us who may be suffering with same issues. Group Counselling is a great way to meet other students. It is a novel way to learn the ways of adaptation followed by others, at the same time grow with others in a cohesive manner.

What is Group Counselling?

Group Counselling means sharing your experiences and listening to other people's experiences in a group. It is a way of providing understanding, emotional support and a caring environment which facilitates discussing problems and at the same time looking out for ways to work towards the solution of your problems. It also enhances the capability of coming to awareness about the methods adopted by others to deal with the same issue/s.

Five to ten students meet once a week and discuss their concerns along with the facilitating Counsellor. Time taken by each group may vary with the point of concern of each group. Common topics addressed in group counselling are social anxiety, performance anxiety, culture shocks, identity crisis, self-esteem, career opportunities, etc.

What can you look forward to from group counselling?

  • Develops social skills (performance anxiety, stage fright)
  • Develops Assertive Skill
  • Improves Communication Skill
  • Helps in improving public speaking skills
  • Groups can help you uncover