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Fun Facts About Brain. Holistic Care Initiative for Students. Vol. I (2), July 2021.


Some interesting facts about our brain!!
Did you know?
It is natural for our brain to be anxious. The stone age is an excellent example!!
It has been doing this work since the stone age. Interesting point is... it was never a bad feeling; it is just an uncomfortable feeling. The way we think and perceive a stimulus in the contextual environment makes it bad or good!!!

Fun facts!!!!

The brain loves to be trained.
So, if you tell your brain ... "Thank you for letting me know what you are thinking but I am not interested", the brain will try and expand its horizons to accept what is happening.
It will develop ways to be in the present.
Once you expand the limits of acceptance of things that did not happen according to your choice, then our lazy brain will understand that accepting the situation, as it stands will help us in taking effective action. By taking effective action, we will be able to improve the situation.
On the other hand, if we feel that no effective action is possible right now then the other option is to develop strategies until we take the right action.
Best way to do this is by saying to your mind the following things -

" Thanks mind "

" I am not interested "

" Let me be"

It is important to note that struggling with something unaccepted that has come your way will not help, as you are trying to avoid it. You know that it will not go away. But just think that if you deal with it as it exists, then will not you try and develop strategies to overcome the problem more realistically. Your denial of reality will lead to more struggle, but acceptance of reality will lead to expansion of thought, behaviour, skills, and coping.

Treasure your Goals and follow your values-

As the path of attaining the goals may be disturbed, the actions following the accomplishment of the goals set before therefore needs a change. The action that you would take to achieve your goals is your value. This will help you to see that you are now an expanded version of "SELF".

Initiated by
Juliet Karmakar Mondol
Counsellor, Counselling Centre
IIT Kharagpur